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The treatment of postpartum depression

1. music therapy
One of the most popular treatments for depression is the music therapy. The limbic system and the reticular formation of the brainstem play a major regulatory role in the internal and somatic functions of the human body, while music has a direct or indirect effect on these neural structures.

产后忧郁症的原因 产后忧郁症如何治疗 产后忧郁症的治疗方法
2. behavior adjustment method
Since women are not productive for strenuous exercise, some proper relaxation activities are necessary, such as deep breathing, walking, meditation, meditation, calming pictures, listening to soothing music, and so on.
3. talking and catharsis
Looking for friends or relatives of the exchange, as v. Heartsongs, cry anyway, vent depressed mood.
4. self encouragement
Self appreciation, more to see their own advantages, more to see the benefits of things, many things may be successful side.
5. heart support
Psychological support, especially for primipara, should make use of the knowledge of mother, mother-in-law and medical staff to support her in the aspects of psychology, child care ability and so on.
6. understanding depression
To make mothers realize that postpartum depression will not bring serious adverse consequences for themselves or infants, so as to relieve their psychological pressure.

The causes of postpartum depression

1. perfectionism
Since perfectionism is too much for mothers to expect, and they are reluctant to ask for help when they are in trouble, they may not be able to adapt themselves to becoming a new mother. And if husbands rarely take care of their children together or women lack the spiritual support of their husbands, they feel a lot of pressure.
2. severe emotional disturbances during pregnancy

产后忧郁症的原因 产后忧郁症如何治疗 产后忧郁症的治疗方法
Severe mood swings during pregnancy, such as moving house, relatives and friends, or war, make it easier for pregnant women to develop post production depression. Many cases show that most women are signs of post – natal depression during pregnancy, many of which will continue to deepen after childbirth.
The causes of postpartum depression, how treatment of postpartum depression, the treatment of postpartum depression
3. the influence of endocrine changes
In the course of pregnancy and childbirth, the endocrine environment has undergone great changes, especially in the 24 hours postpartum, the rapid change of hormone levels in the body is the biological basis of the occurrence of postpartum depression. The study found that the release of placental steroids reached the highest value before delivery, and that the patient showed a good mood. The patient showed depression when the placental steroid secretion was suddenly reduced.
4. genetic factors
A family history of psychosis, especially in women with family history of depression, has a high incidence of postpartum depression, suggesting that family inheritance may affect a woman’s susceptibility to depression and her personality.

What do you do on an empty stomach?

1. empty stomach, less exercise
Many people go to work immediately after work at night, and they think they eat after exercise. In fact, this idea is wrong, hollow when it is best not to exercise, so the sports consumption is very large, if not eating it, it will lead to a significant decrease in blood glucose, the medical cause dizziness coma cases.
2. fasting can not take a bath
Taking a bath without meals is also a condition that can lead to a drop in blood sugar, which is most likely to fall into the shower. So, eat enough to take a bath, it is best to eat 60 minutes after the wash.
3. fasting can not be infusion
When the infusion, the intestinal mucosa will be affected by drugs, resulting in a large secretion of gastric juice, if there is no food in the stomach, then there will be pain, and even affect women’s menstrual period. This is the reason why doctors often say “take medicine after meals”

Can I eat it on an empty stomach? The truth is here

1. fasting can not drink milk
Most people believe it and practice it in life. So, what exactly is it? In fact, fasting when drinking milk is no problem, of course, this is only for the physically healthier people, there are some people fasting when drinking milk, it will lead to diarrhea, or even colic. Therefore, to see whether they are suitable for fasting milk.

空腹到底能不能吃 空腹能不能吃 空腹不做什么事
2. bananas can not eat
The Internet has also been circulating, fasting, do not eat bananas, otherwise it will have an impact on cardiovascular, then really is that so? In fact, the main nutrient that bananas contain is magnesium, which is a component of the human body. So eating bananas on an empty stomach does not make any difference.
Fasting in the end can not eat fasting, fasting can not do anything?
3. persimmon can not eat it?
Persimmon is approaching the season of knowledge, then fasting when you can eat it? According to legend, eating persimmons on an empty stomach can lead to stomach stones. So, is that really the case? Yes, when we have an empty stomach, there is a lot of stomach acid in our stomach. If you eat persimmons at this time, then the nutrition of persimmon will react with the gastric acid, and eventually lead to the emergence of stones.
4. empty stomach drink, old stomach injury
Fasting can not drink, this is also the most commonly heard. Most people say that drinking on an empty stomach is the most damaging to the stomach, which can lead to stomach upset. In fact, it is better not to drink on an empty stomach. I believe a lot of people have heard in the wine, eat another drink”. This shows that you must fill your belly when you drink.

Food that protects the heart

1. more cinnamon
When you know how to protect the heart of the cinnamon? In fact, it’s largely due to cinnamon. She has a variety of antioxidants called flavonoids.
2. salmon
It is understood that there are many kinds of fish. The fatty acids they contain, and GHA, greatly reduce the effect of heart rate.
3. almonds
Almonds are a common kind of food. Do you know why almonds protect the heart? In fact, almonds contain a variety of nutrients, these nutrients are beneficial to the heart of food. It’s always good to eat too much.

High salt diet may exacerbate heart failure

Whether a person’s heart is good or bad depends on his eating habits. It is understood that a high salt diet can lead to heart failure. A new study by experts in the United States has found too much salt used every day. Will lead to obesity, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Now that you say a high salt diet can lead to heart failure, then we shouldn’t be a big deal. Well, here’s how to protect your heart.

如何保护心脏 保护心脏的方法有哪些 什么食物保护心脏
1. do not drink alcohol
Although alcohol may have a protective effect on cardiovascular diseases. But many people have sudden cardiac death because of drinking. So, for your own health, it’s better not to drink.
2. exercise more
Since then, studies have shown that exercise is good for the heart and that exercise can prevent 4 of all cardiovascular diseases.
3. control emotions
I believe many people have heard of mad, you know? If your mood is particularly irritable, very sad. Then, in time to improve. Because emotional stress can cause vasoconstriction and increased heart burden.
What are the ways to protect the heart and protect the heart? What foods protect the heart?
4. don’t overeat
In life often found a group of people to the table to start eating, you don’t know, this approach will lead to angina or myocardial infarction. Therefore, we should learn to control our diet and avoid the occurrence of heart diseases.
5. don’t be too tired
You know what? Overwork is also a major culprit in heart disease. So we should try our best to stay up late and pay attention to the law of life.

The moldy food autumn Yanggan liver injury

3 kinds of food endanger liver health
1. moldy food
In life, we often see moldy food, then you have to remember, for the health of the liver, then it is better not to eat moldy food,. Because moldy food produces a carcinogen called aflatoxin, which can cause liver cell necrosis and even liver cancer.
2. drink less
Although most people know that alcohol is more harmful to the liver, once people with liver disease drink, then for the liver, may lead to exacerbations, and even cancer cells. Therefore, for people whose livers are poor, alcohol is far from being avoided.
3. sunflower seeds
Proper eating sunflower seeds is nothing serious, but eating too much will lead to excessive consumption of choline in the body, which can cause liver cells problems.
How to fall in autumn autumn Yanggan Yanggan Yanggan eat what
Methods the liver in autumn
1., exercise liver protection
To liver is necessary to exercise regularly, especially the patients with fatty liver should be more people to the sport. Because exercise can greatly consume fat, avoid weight gain.
2. drink plenty of water
The operation of the liver requires a lot of water, so at ordinary times should do more replenishment. Otherwise, the liver runs without enough water, which can cause toxins to remain in the liver. This is especially big for the liver.
3. get a good night’s sleep
The method is also a good sleep and rest, do not know the people very easily lead to anger appear, so we must go to bed early, it is best to ensure that eight hours of sleep time.
4. take less medicine
We all know it’s common to take medicine, but do you know? Drugs are most likely to injure the liver. Therefore, to be able to do not touch the medicine, do not touch, select some natural food for conditioning; can eat Chinese medicine, do not go to eat Western Medicine

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